21 Business Myths Debunked

or... What is really behind the 3-day workweeks & $25k and $125k YES-on-the-spot... so that you can finally travel the world & reignite THAT sparkle in your eyes WHILE multiplying your profits with EASE and PURPOSE

21 MYTHS DEBUNKED [What is really behind the 3-day workweeks & $25k and $125k YES-on-the-spot... so that you can finally travel the world & reignite THAT sparkle in your eyes WHILE multiplying your profits with EASE and PURPOSE]

These 3 scenarios are very common in the coaching, consulting, and professional service providing industries that I have been a part of & serving for years. Sound familiar?

  • “I have been offering my services at $150 per hour, and am busting my ass off to meet my $20k monthly goals… How can I work less and double my income?”
  • “I have new projects coming in, but it feels like the more clients I sign up, the more work my team and I have, the less money I get to take home in the end… What am I doing wrong?”
  • “Oh, I so feel myself serving at this highest level, I did not even know it was possible for me… I want you to take me there! Let me get back when I make the money to pay you.”

So in this post, I debunk 21 myths you have been led to believe could solve these (and other problems) for you… and show you the real layers that are separating you from those desired quantum leaps of income, time freedom, impact, joy…

Buckle up… some will sting...
1: Mastering your craft (coaching, consulting, healing, bookkeeping, graphic design, litigating,...) is different than making a business out of it - one that is profitable, sustainable + doesn’t suck the life out of you (and lead gen, marketing & sales are just a teeny pieces of the big mosaic).
2: Get ready to shift & adjust because what brought you to 6 figures is different than what your business needs to sustain there... is different than what your business needs to scale to 7+ (especially if you want to have a dinner with your family, a girls night out with friends, and pampering time for yourself ever again).
3: Courses, groups, programs, masterminds are NOT crucial to maximize income and time (there are other way to leverage your time, expertise, and multiply your revenues).
4: Business built on your passion + purpose + genius + spirituality + wealth consciousness plays by different laws than the mainstream rules (and business schools have not caught up with them yet).
5: Specific need & focus change through the business lifecycle (and gaps & leaks show up as different symptoms altogether... oftentimes costly oversights by non-experts).
6: Yes, there is difference between booked, banked, gross, net, revenues, income, take-home (and a few 100k months does not mean 7-fig per year biz).
7: Working with a team on client projects can be an expense... or it could be a stream of passive income for you (when done right).
8: Similarly, your time spent on client projects (as the service provider & CEO) can either be an expense or revenue (depends on how you set it up).
9: As a service provider, you can create a months-long leave where your clients still get served, and you still get paid (so go start packing for that dream cross-Europe trip).
10: The pricing strategies and package/service development play on three fronts: what you need to receive in exchange for your genius, what your business needs to sustain & grow, and what your clients need to show up and create results (and when you are meant to serve at $250k level, you won’t be able to sell $2,500 stuff...because Maserati buyers don’t show Toyota).
11: 10X your efforts and signing up 10x the amount of clients in hopes to 10x your revenues, will also 10x your expenses...and blow up any other gap, drama, discrepancy you were able to ignore and avoid thus far (if you keep doing things the same way as you always have).
12: 10x your income is possible without putting 10x the work on your VA & tech & mkt and endless launches to chase after 10 new clients (because you can do it with 1 single sale, like my clients after one call with me).
13: Doubling, tripling, quadrupling your income takes more than slapping extra zeros to your fees - it shifts your external stuff like positioning, marketing, sales; and the internal like mindset, energy, consciousness, awareness (and that is THE work only 1% of people is willing to do).
14: Having the right support is crucial; just like we have a primary care physician, dentist, obgyn, and when needed, we go to a specialist (having a coach is not always enough, and is different than having several... coach, consultant, mentor).
15: Just like the best neurosurgeon cannot operate on their own brain, stop being so super hard on yourself for being stuck on the one thing you are so good at (you don’t know what you don’t know, and can’t see your own blind spots).
16: There are layers to creating such quantum leaps... The best thing - it really doesn't have to take forever. Even better - a shortcut to attracting those high-end clients is to become one (and the views, the energy, the way we play at that level... so much simpler, clearer, satisfying than the mainstream… and it’s way less crowded because only 1% of people are willing to do the work and invest what it takes to get there).
17: Most people remain playing small and victims of circumstance because they choose to remain within their zone of comfort no matter how painful it is (and rather keep trading that for some short-term, instantly gratifying payouts...just like prostitutes). (ouch)
18: When you are tired of having to chase after and wait on people to decide to work with you, pay you,... ask yourself “Where am I taking the easy way out? Where am I not taking myself seriously? Where am I settling? What promises and commitments am I breaking to myself?” (ouch!)
19:You choose whether you will filter, censor, overly-explain, prove yourself,... or remain high, in your genius, speaking you truth in a way your people understand it (just like you don’t lecture college stuff to kindergartners).
20: How you show up for yourself, the boundaries you set & how you enforce them... that will determine if you call in your soul-aligned, ready-now, pay-in-full, do-whatever-it-takes clients that are joy to work with, (or be a ringmaster in a circus trading your arm and leg for peanuts)
21: When you are a highly-intelligent, driven person of high integrity, stuff like guilt, shame, self-judgement & imposter syndrome, worthiness issues, resistance, repelling money... will keep you paralyzed every time you attempt to do something incongruent and out of alignment (and the crazy part is that in this situation everything goes - your marriage, sex life, parenting, etc. will reflect in your business... and the other way around).
There you have it… 21 of the most common myths - busted… And that is just the surface business stuff…

Quantum Leaps & Rapid Transformation Mentor

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