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10 symptoms that "business gurus" oftentimes misdiagnose & mistreat

When I started to study business models, I quickly noticed the usual "symptoms" that entrepreneurs would experience when their model needed a little TLC.

Here are 10 of such indicators:

▻ It seems like you're unable to close the sale - at least not at the rate you were used to.

▻ You keep hearing "I am not ready" from prospects who were initially so eager to get on a call with you.

▻ You know there's something missing in how you do things, but can't seem to be able to identify the issue.

▻ Your money goals seem so reachable on a paper, yet they seem to be so elusive in actuality.

▻ Suddenly, it seems like everyone else is rocking and rolling in their business, only you can't seem to gain traction.

▻ The work you used to love now feels overwhelming, constraining, unfulfilling.

▻ Hiring support was a great idea, but has turned into a disaster of missed deadlines, unsatisfactory quality, and people going MIA.

▻ Money is flying out faster than it's coming in.

▻ Days never have enough hours, no matter how many schedules and color-coded calendars you're using.

▻ You are doing everything by the book, exactly how you're being told and advised, yet you're getting nowhere...

The usual "fixes" offered to those entrepreneurs are:

:: new marketing strategy

:: better sales script

:: confidence exercises

:: improved scheduling and time management systems.

But, if you are experiencing any of the above, and are looking for a permanent solution, I invite you to
join me on Wednesday.

I will show you how different models work for different online, service-based businesses, and how that affects your ability to support your clients, manage the business, and grow your revenues (profits).

No, "business model" is not that sexy word normally used in conversations, yet it is a foundation on which you can then build your success.

So, click here to learn more about MODEL 2.0, and to register for this free event: