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    Where you are right now in this business is only one step on the road to where you know you’re supposed to be.


    And getting there? It's about to get much easier.

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  • Hi, I am Sara Oblak Speicher.

    And you are in caring, confident, exceedingly capable, and highly competitive hands. I can say that because I do things. Lots of things. But mostly the things I set my mind to.


    But that’s not why I’m asking you to clean up your business with me.


    I’m asking you to because my experience as a business owner and as an MBA, a former NCAA D-1 athlete, an ESL (with a drive to learn a foreign language so I could play basketball), a mother of two, and an entrepreneur of 3 successful iterations of business says big results for you are inevitable.


    Big results like these that my clients have gotten:


    • Took their businesses from nearly bankrupt to the 6-figure mark & beyond

    • Added 25% to their monthly revenues merely hours after we tweaked their approach

    • Quadrupled their investment back within 5 days of us working together

    • Uncovered a $40,000 leak in their sales and marketing systems

    • Doubled client contracts within first 3 months & multiplied revenues of their multiple 6-figure business

    • Added hours of free time without compromising the quality of services

    • Created signature packages, launch and sell programs

    • Spoke from stages nationwide

    • Grew coaching business while traveling the world

    • Grew a team while spending more time with family


    So when I say results are inevitable, it’s not something I take lightly.


    Every business that’s three years old or less has holes that empty way more time and money than they should. But not every business owner has the wherewithal to understand how to fix them.

    That’s my talent.


    That’s my expertise.


    And this is my only goal: To bring your business up to the level you know in your heart that you have the potential to become.