• You already work too hard. How much longer can you keep up with it?

    Just imagine...

    • Having the freedom to choose what you do & where you go, and the flexibility with your time because your business fully supports your lifestyle, and is aligned with your strengths, core values.
    • Building out a simplified, sustainable and profitable business that allows you to spend less time making more, more often.
    • Enjoying serenity, peace and confidence in your business and life so that you can show up consistently, confident in your offers and prices, and knowing how those offers need to be marketed.
    • Being fully supported knowing that you can access me, your mentor, consultant, strategist, coach, as much or as little as you need for any tactical advice, confidence boost, and feedback.
    • Growing your business as much as you want (or as little as you need to), by using elegant synergy of proven data, keen business intuition, and powerful creative energy.
    • Confidently supporting your ideal clients from your zone of genius, and getting paid $5K, $10K, $20K and more for your services - consistently, with ease and integrity.

  • It’s time to rethink

    Leverage, Scaling, Strengths!

    Block Buster

    "What should I do next?"


    Your business is a living and breathing system. When you feel stalled, let me take a holistic & systematic assessment to identify the cause! You will gain clarity, and be able to maximize resources and implement them smarter, and reach your goals faster, easier.



    "I'm ready for more, with ease."


    This world needs what you have to offer, and you are ready to give more - with greater ease. Let's bring your vision to life, and help you see greater possibilities for your business & life. Get strategies, tactics and the know-how to realize your goals, vision, the why.


  • My Promise:

    Hi, I am Sara Oblak Speicher, MBA

    As a mentor, consultant and strategist, I specialize in business model design and business development for service-based entrepreneurs who want to perform at their best and get paid top dollar for their services – with ease, fun.

    I am passionate and successful about helping high-achieving, mindful and soulful entrepreneurs create freedom of choice, flexibility of time and independence of location.


    By putting it all in a customized, strategically organized, easy to follow and easy to duplicate plan, you can grow your business in a way that is aligned with your strengths, core values, and lifestyle.

  • Let's make it happen!

    I know that in the end, it comes down to this: "What can I achieve? Will I be really supported in a way that is helpful to me? Will my mentor explain things in a way that are clear to me?"

    It's about you, and not about me or my clients... But, taking a look at some of the results my clients have achieved will help you see what is possible for you, too:

    • Took their businesses past the 6-figure mark;
    • Uncovered a $40,000 leak in their sales and marketing systems;
    • Doubled client contracts within first 3 months & multiplied revenues;
    • Added hours of free time without compromising the quality of services;
    • Created signature packages, launch and sell programs;
    • Spoke from stages nationwide;
    • Grew coaching business while traveling the world;
    • Grew a team while spending more time with family.

  • Hiring Sara was the smartest thing I ever did for my business and my sanity! I trust Sara implicitly. THANK YOU GOD for Sara Speicher – I don’t know where my business would be without her!


    - Vanessa Simpkins

    Totally mind and heart blown! Not only did you completely nail my areas of improvement, you gave awesome guidance around launching programs that are full of the best of me! You are a gem.


    - Amber Annette

    OK - you all already know this - but Sara Oblak Speicher is a rock star - she is a mom to 2 little ones + a brilliant business woman + she takes action like a BOSS. So impressed by you S.O.S.


    - Laura Wright

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