• "You need someone who can take a look across your whole business and identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be - as it applies to YOU, your SPECIFIC business." This is Sara's Zone of Genius!

    - Linda Vettrus-Nichols



    You kicked my butt into action after just one call - I already made my investment back in the first 24hrs, and as of 5 days later I've quadrupled my investment back!!

    I'm 'feeling' so much more aligned!


    - Johanna Gardner

  • There's no better time than NOW!

    9 out of 10 clients who come to me feel like there is still "something missing" even after they have...

    • ...purchased that "Magic funnel that will make you rich" thing, and  "Learn how to make $30k in 10 days with ease!" thing. (How's that been working out for you?)
    • ...hosted all those "great" sales calls, have signed up more clients, made more sales. (Does  that feel more like an uphill battle for you, too?)
    • ...been rocking and rolling their successful business and clients love them. (Do you ever feel exhausted, overwhelmed, overworked and resentful of your own business like that?)
    • ...planned for a change and have all the information, resources, strategies readily available. (Do you wonder how to do that systematically and effectively, too?)


    Welcome! You've come to the right place!

    Block Buster Quickstart

    "What should I do now?"


    Your business is a living and breathing system. When you feel stalled, let me take a holistic & systematic assessment to identify the cause - the gap! You will gain clarity, and be able to maximize resources and implement them smarter, and reach your goals faster, easier.


    VIP Days & Intensives

    "I'm ready for more, what should I do next?"


    This world needs what you have to offer, and you are ready to give more - with greater ease. Let's bring your vision to life, and help you see greater possibilities for your business & life. Get strategies, tactics and the know-how to realize your goals - fast.


  • Why me? What's my edge?

    Hi, I am Sara Oblak Speicher

    I am the go-to mentor and business consultant, specializing in sustainable & profitable business model design and business development.


    My Zone of Genius is finding the gap, that missing piece, between where you are and where you want to be & finding the right solution. My Edge is speed.

    Leveraging my unique insights into running and growing 6- and 7- figure businesses (as well as setting up those just getting started), we create your customized, strategically organized, easy to follow and easy to duplicate plan - as it applies to YOU, your SPECIFIC business.

    With solid strategies, techniques and effective methods, and my passion for uncovering deeply-rooted blocks, my clients welcome fun, joy, peace, serenity and confidence back into their businesses and lives.


    I look forward to help you spend less time making more, better align your business with your strengths, core values, purpose and lifestyle & get lasting results.

  • You can not afford to wait!

    When you decided to take your consulting, coaching, or service-based business to the next level, you thought this would be quicker and easier! After all, you know how business works and what you're supposed to do. I've been there.


    Instead of celebrating, playing & creating, you find yourself alone at your desk, for hours on end, investing in new branding, new website, new copy, new funnels & pulling all-nighters to apply the strategies and tactics you've paid so much to learn...


    You're overwhelmed and exhausted. And most of all - you feel guilty for spending so much time away from your family.


    I know that in the end, it comes down to this: "What can I achieve? Will I be really supported in a way that is helpful to me? Will my mentor explain things in a way that are clear to me?"


    And the most important one...

        "How much will it cost me, make me, and save me?"

        Taking a look at some of the results my clients have achieved will help you see what is possible for you:

        • Took their businesses from nearly bankrupt to the 6-figure mark & beyond;
        • Quadrupled their investment back within 5 days of us working together;
        • Uncovered a $40,000 leak in their sales and marketing systems;
        • Doubled client contracts within first 3 months & multiplied revenues;
        • Added hours of free time without compromising the quality of services;
        • Created signature packages, launch and sell programs;
        • Spoke from stages nationwide;
        • Grew coaching business while traveling the world;
        • Grew a team while spending more time with family.
      • Hiring Sara was the smartest thing I ever did for my business and my sanity! I trust Sara implicitly. THANK YOU GOD for Sara Speicher – I don’t know where my business would be without her!


        - Vanessa Simpkins

        Totally mind and heart blown! Not only did you completely nail my areas of improvement, you gave awesome guidance around launching programs that are full of the best of me! You are a gem.


        - Amber Annette

        OK - you all already know this - but Sara Oblak Speicher is a rock star - she is a mom to 2 little ones + a brilliant business woman + she takes action like a BOSS. So impressed by you S.O.S.


        - Laura Wright

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