• It’s time to stop playing small...


    If you could find a way to make more money, spend less time doing it, and STILL provide a quality service for your clients, how could you leverage that information?


    As a high-achiever, impact-driven entrepreneur, you are used to creating success on your own terms. You work hard to make things happen - seemingly effortlessly. You combine logic and practicality with emotions, spirituality and a soul- & heart-centered approach.


    But looking at the bold goals of yours, one thing is clear - you will need to work even harder to reach them! What if...

  • Just imagine...

    • Confidently supporting your ideal clients from your zone of genius, and getting paid $5K, $10K, $20K and more for your services - consistently, with ease and integrity.


    • Having guidance to create fun and ease in developing structures and strategically organized plan of action that enables you to grow your business and earn more with less work.

    • Being fully supported in bringing serenity, peace and confidence into your business and life by using elegant synergy of proven data, keen business intuition, and powerful creative energy.

    • Knowing that you can access your mentor, consultant, strategist, coach, as much or as little as you need to for any tactical advice, confidence boost, and feedback so that you can continuously show up, and focus on building a sustainable and profitable business.

  • My Promise:

    Hi, I am Sara Oblak Speicher, MBA

    As a business development specialist, I'm a powerful force behind Coaches, Consultants, and Online Service providers who want to up their game, make greater impact, multiply their revenues, create $10k days, and operate from their zone of genius.


    I help high-achieving entrepreneurs figure out what needs to be offered, how the offers need to be marketed, and what will make more money more often. I put it all in a linear, easy to follow and easy to duplicate format so that you can grow your business in a way that is aligned with your strengths, core values, and lifestyle.

  • Let's make it happen!

    Thus far, my awesome clients have been seeing some incredible result, these are just a few:

    • take their businesses past the 6-figure mark;
    • uncover a $40,000 leak in their sales and marketing systems;
    • double client contracts within first 3 months & multiply revenues;
    • cut down their workweek by 20%;
    • launch and sell programs and campaigns;
    • create signature packages, and more.

  • Hiring Sara was the smartest thing I ever did for my business and my sanity! I trust Sara implicitly. THANK YOU GOD for Sara Speicher – I don’t know where my business would be without her!


    - Vanessa Simpkins

    Totally mind and heart blown! Not only did you completely nail my areas of improvement, you gave awesome guidance around launching programs that are full of the best of me! You are a gem.


    - Amber Annette

    OK - you all already know this - but Sara Oblak Speicher is a rock star - she is a mom to 2 little ones + a brilliant business woman + she takes action like a BOSS. So impressed by you S.O.S.


    - Laura Wright

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