• Get Ready to Take Action!


    As a high-achieving woman you are used to creating success on your own terms.


    You decided to take your business to the next level, to multiply your revenues, and you want to do it in a way that is aligned with your strengths, core values and lifestyle.


    You thought this would be quicker and easier - after all, you know how business works and what you're supposed to do - yet you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed.


    You find yourself all alone, at your desk for hours on end, trying to apply all the different strategies you've learned about... You've even tried to merge the low-ticket and high-end sale approach just to make sure none of your audience gets unserved. Instead, you're frustrated, exhausted, and most of all - feel guilty for spending so much time away from your family, for not being really present with them.

    It doesn’t have to be that way!

  • Just imagine...

    • Having a mentor, a consultant, a coach, who has walked in your shoes and can help you zone in on your strategic approach to multiplying your revenues and growing your business.
    • Having someone by your side with real world experience of building, managing and growing businesses, who uses an elegant synergy of proven data, keen business intuition, and powerful creative energy to identify time and money leaks, and gaps in your business structure and support systems.
    • Having support, guidance, structure and strategies in closing those gaps, and a plan for taking focused action with more confidence, direction, order and clarity so you can increase your revenues, optimize your performance, and build a sustainable and profitable business.

  • Now let’s start making it happen!

    I am Sara Oblak Speicher, MBA, a Business Strategist and Performance Mentor for women entrepreneurs with service-based online business, who are ready to spend less time making more, more often - without having to sacrifice their family lives.


    I am here to help you solve problems, and create customized strategies, plans and solutions so that you can stand out, show up, increase your profits, and take your business to the next level...


    ...Whether that’s creating your five-figure offers, mapping out your six-figure year, or creating lucrative strategic alliances, I support you every step of the way: from the bid idea to the detailed execution.


    Ready to get started?


  • OK - you all already know this - but Sara Oblak Speicher is a rock star - she is a mom to 2 little ones + a brilliant business woman + she takes action like a BOSS. So impressed by you S.O.S.


    - Laura Wright

    Thanks, Sara! You always go the extra mile. Love that about you. So appreciate your help!


    - Shawn Driscoll

    Rich life experiences! Excellent.


    - Selena Soo